A great getaway on the warm side of the Rockies!

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Columbia Valley Video

The Columbia Valley is a wide valley marking the border between the Rockies and the Purcells.

There are plenty of attractions both summer and winter, not the least of which is Lake Windermere.

We have enjoyed hiking, biking and water sports in the summer and skiing and skating in the winter.

We have a good amount of local knowledge to head you in the right direction if you enjoy the outdoors!

  • Kindersley Pass just east of Sinclair Canyon makes a great day hike
  • A favorite hot weather hike to Brewer Basin
  • Enjoying the back country on Mount Goldie near Panorama Ski Hill photo: Pat Morrow
  • Autumn riding on a great trail photo credit: Joe Buszowski
  • An early autumn hike to Mount Bryan photo: Pat Morrow
  • Casey the golden retriever catching a ride
  • Invermere trails open early every spring photo credit: Joe Buszowski
  • Friends visiting the Columbia Valley
  • The Great Divide Trail near Floe Lake